Hey! I'm Sergio 👋🏼

Web & Mobile Full-Stack Developer

I work with the JavaScript ecosystem, I love to learn new things and share my knowledge with others. Welcome to my small space of the internet, where I write and share about different topics related to the web.

About Me

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  • I'm a Civil Engineer turn into Full Stack Web & Mobile Developer from Panama.
  • Although I mostly work in the JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem, with technologies like React, Next.js and Node.js. I also, have experience with other programming languages like Python & Dart.
  • Also, I like using other libraries/frameworks like Next.js, Vue, as many styling libraries.
  • I enjoy learning about new technologies, patterns and best practices related to web & mobile development.
  • Currently, I'm learning more about backend development with the Go programming language. Also, I'm learning more about SQL Databases and CI/CD.

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Personal Portfolio

This is my old personal portfolio website, built using TypeScript, Next.js, Tailwind CSS and MDX


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